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Easy Tips to Split PDF Document with page range

Easy Tips to Split PDF Document with page range

Whenever we need to extract pages with exact range of pages for official or document arrangement level or in other way, when we know from which page range we have to target to split or extract in separate document. Then we use acrobat for simply splitting process.
There are following way where you can apply Split PDF Document or multiple document with number of pages with SKOTechLearn Tips.

 Step 1: Understand Splitting through Example
Suppose, you have a file with name "Document.PDF" and it contain multiple pages. And you want to split document pages in 2 pages range.

eg. Document1.PDF --- Split Pages in separate File Like:

[ File1{PAGE A (1) + PAGE A (2)} , File2{PAGE B (1) + PAGE B (2)}, …..etc]

Following image will describe the above instruction.
Page description for split PDF
Page Description
 Step 2: Split Action with Settings
So, fist of all, find "Split Document" option from "Pages" of "Tools" menu and click on it. "Paged" sub menu containing options like: Rotate, Delete, Extract etc. "Split Document" option will show a split setting box.

easy way to protecting PDF 

Step: Acrobat Pro (Open) >> Tools >> Pages >> Split Document
Split settings for Split PDF
Split Document Settings
There is following setting which is same as describe in above.

Number of Pages : Set page range. Suppose, you set page range 2. Then, it will start creating files with containing 2 pages.

File Size : Set splitting page depending on size. Suppose, we process on page size which size is 20 KB. Then it will create a file with less than 20 KB or with 20 KB size.

Top-Level Bookmarks : This setting requires when we splitting page with bookmark. When selecting this option, it will create number of document which was created through bookmark pages.

When process on selecting any one option from above given three options, then it will split and create accurate files. But,if we talk about files location, then you have to process on "Output Options" button, select this option from described in following process.

Adding Header Footer with Page No.

 Step 3: Output Options settings
Output Options Step1:
Target Folder
The same Folder Selected at Start Save split file in existing location
A Folder on My Computer Save split file in another location
Output Options Step2:
File Labeling
Add label and number before original name eg. Part1_Document.PDF
Add label and number after original name eg. Document_Part1.PDF
Use label Check this box for add a Label like: Part
Use separator between original name and label Check this box for add separator Like: _
Output settings for Split PDF
Output Options Settings
When applying these settings as mention in above instruction with image. press "OK" button from "Output Options" setting box. After that, again press "OK" button from "Split Documents" screen. It will take time to split pages in separate files.

Note: If there is requirement to process on multiple files, Just press on "Apply to Multiple" button from "Split Documents" screen. For more details to get instruction to apply multiple file process, follow Searchable process for multiple document.

 Step 4: File's Output Description
Now, go to directed location where all files split  in that location, this will show the split pages has been created with separate files name in that location.
Output of Split PDF
Output Files

So, if you have learnt this steps then apply this learning tips to split PDF document with page range with SKOTechLearn.

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