Simply Remove PDF Metadata or Remove Hidden Information From PDF

Metadata or hidden information of PDF file contain many information about that document. In Official documents, there is many hidden information contain in files that will present that particular concern info. If you do not know about which type of PDF Metadata or PDF Properties include in PDF Files. let's Find out.

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Open your particular file in Acrobat and go to "File" menu. Select "Properties" option. That particular file's Property window will open. This window contain options:

  • Document Title
  • Author
  • Author Title
  • Description
  • Description Writer
  • Keywords
  • Copyright Status
  • Copyright Notice
  • Copyright Info URL
  • Created date
  • Modified Date

2. Advanced
  • XMP Core Properties
  • PDF Properties
  • XMP Media Management Properties

For clear metadata or properties, create a batch files inside Acrobat. For it you have to create an action. for more details follow Changing Property with XMP Metadata easily.

Step 1:- Create Action from Acrobat with adding sub- Action:

Go to Tools >> Action Wizard

Click on "Protection" from Left Side bar of this wizard.

When you click on it. It will expand with option's Listing (Like:- Encrypt, Mark For Redaction, Remove Hidden Information etc).

Select the name of "Remove Hidden Information". Double click on this option for add for further process.

Add name and setting for remove metadata
Add action and apply settings

When clicking on this option, it will add on "Steps:".

When this option will add, then click on "Option" icon contained with this action.

An another window will appear named "Remove Hidden Information". This contain many check box containing the content related with document information. Choose which content you want to clean from file. Then move cursor and press "OK" button.

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Step 2:- Path selection and Save Action in Acrobat:

Now the next step to select source and destination path. So, follow the following image.
Path and action save for remove metadata
Select Path and Save Action

After selecting path save Action with name as "Remove_Info".

Step 3:- Run or Execute Action:

Now its time to give action name "Remove_Info" of given existing files.

After saving given name, the next step to proceed on "Run" button.

Now, go to "Edit Actions"and find and select created name, then press "Run" button.

Run or Execute Action for clean metadata
Run or Execute Action

When Action Perform Process will complete it will show progress Completed message box. This message box indicate the completion of process.

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Understand about image processing time is totally depends upon how many files are processed for changes.

Step 4:- PDF Properties Output differences:

Now the time is to show files output. The output description of file given bellow.
Output of clean metadata
Output of File
For checking output after completion of above given process. Just follow the following instruction.

Acrobat >> "File" Menu >> "Properties" (Click)

Go to 'Properties' option from "File" menu.

A screen will open with name "Document Properties". In this screen, the document properties will be displayed.

The document containing property with all fields like (Title, Author, Subject etc.). And all property have been fulfilled. But after performing created name process, it will clean PDF Property include PDF hidden info.

This is the learning description to easily delete or remove Metadata or Hidden Information from PDF or more than one files at the same time with SKOTechLearn.

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