How to Easily Password Protect PDF or Encrypt PDF in Acrobat

Secured PDF document is necessary for officially or personally. Every official document is required to securing information. If our document is Password Protected then it will be secure from others. If a secret information containing document is not secure then it will be a chance to invite leak information to other. So, here we will describe the simple way to Password protect PDF or Encrypt PDF documents step by step.

Here we will learn to protect documents or Password Protect Multiple PDF document at once through Acrobat. So, follow the steps and instruction as describe bellow.

As you know that Acrobat is very Powerful tool which provide document related process. In protection of PDF Document, it provide two types of Protection which we discuss or describe bellow.

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Step 1: Protection Setting in Acrobat

First you have to open your document in Acrobat.

Go to "Protection" menu list and expand it from Acrobat.

Encrypt option for Password protect PDF
Select "Encrypt "Option

This will present option's list, find "Encrypt" option from this list and click on it. It presents list containing 2 list options.

Select second option for password, it shows message box with name "Applying New Security Setting". Move cursor to click on "Yes" button from this message box.

Tools >> Protection >> Encrypt >> 2 Encrypt with Password >> "Applying New Security Setting" Message box >> Click on "Yes" Button

Now, the next step to apply security settings

Password Settings for Encrypt PDF
Password Settings

When pressing on "Yes" button. A "Password Security- Settings" screen will present. This screen contain many options related to protection.

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Step 2: Select Document Content to Encrypt

In this pane select 'Encrypt all Document Content' option. This option will protect file in all area, that means without password it can not show any types of content like: Metadata, Menu, Tags etc.

There is other 2 types of option also available in this pane like: "Encrypt All Document Contents Except metadata (Acrobat 6 and later compatible)" and "Encrypt only File Attachment (Acrobat 6 and later compatible )". Just choose any one of it according to protection requirement.

Step 3: Add Password to PDF only for View document

Come to "Required Password to open the document" check box and Image of Open doc check box1 check on it.

The "Document Open" input box will be enable. Input text here.

Step 4: Add Password to PDF For Editing

Come to another check box "Restrict editing and printing of the document, A password will be required in order to change these permission settings.".When you image of Open doc check box2 check on it.

The "Change Permission" Input box will enable and also "Printing Allowed:" and "Changes Allowed:" combo box will be enable.

Type your desire password in "Change Permission" Input box and give permission with other two combo option (Printing, Changing). Choose permission according to protection requirement.

Note:- both settings password can not be same.

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Step 5: Confirm Document or Permission Password

Now, when all the above process will be done, press "OK" button.

It will show two confirmation Input box. First box is use only for View document and second is for editing document process.

Set Password for password protect PDF
Set Password for View and Change

Give password on both input box and press "OK" button from "Adobe Security" message box.

save password for password protect PDF
Security apply and Save message box

When this message box will be open, press "OK" button. This box is appeared for remind to save document for applying protection. So, save file after applying all settings. And close document.

Document's page with Watermark through Acrobat

Step 6: Password Protected PDF Document Output

After apply above settings, go to file's folder and open document. It shows a box frame such as mention bellow picture.

Output of Password protect PDF
Output of File

This Box contain an input box, Here, input password only for viewing pages or input another for editing or changing of pages.

So, applying all these process to Protect document through Password protect or Encrypt PDF with SKOTechLearn Tips.

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