Wednesday, April 11, 2018

How to Remove Header and Footer From PDF

How to Remove Header and Footer From PDF

In this post, SKOTechLearn describe how to remove Header and Footer from PDF through Acrobat Professional. If you want to remove Header and Footer from multiple PDF files with multiple pages, the batch processing in Acrobat Pro will easily solve this. For batch processing, creation of Action required.
 Step 1: Add and Create Action Process:
Proceed on "Create New Action" screen which is contain two pane. Left side pane contain action name list like: Pages, Content, Forms etc. And right side pane contain path selection details with settings.

Lets find action name from action list for removing Header Footer from pages process.

Go to "Pages" action List and find 'Header & Footer (Remove)' action's option from "Pages" action.

When selecting on this option, This action will add to perform for further process.

Splitting pages with page range from Document 

The following image will describe the step by step instruction to add action.
Add and save Action for remove header and footer
Add and save Action
This process delete  or erase content from left, right, top, bottom from pages. When you add this action, there is nothing to do for settings, only adding action is sufficient to perform process.

Important Note: This Action will remove only that pages where external added header footer will find. Scan image or image base header footer will consider as image. So, remember this point before apply this process. This is also important that there is no other tools available for doing it.

Only one process to perform for scan document or image base document is "Clean multiple page of PDF". In this process you can select area from first page and apply this selection to all pages. this will clean selected area. You can try this process for page cleaning purpose.

 Step 2: Path selection and save Action Process:
The path selection is main part of this process completion. Create an output folder and input path in 'save to' combo box and set targeted folder in 'start with' combo box.
Now save action with "Remove_Header_Footer", after saving its time to execution.

 Step 3: Find and Execute Action:
find created Action on "Edit Action" screen and select it, After selecting action name, proceed on "Run" button.

A process box will appear. press on "Next" button for execute action. apply "Next" button process, your action will start.

Now, Lets follow the instruction for above given description, so come to understand following image.
Run action for remove header and footer
Execute Action to Perform process
Now, the action execution for removing process has been completed.

 Step 4: Output Checking Process:
Come to output or destination path and check files which are used for this process. When you open file for check, You will find, there is no Header or Footer remain from every page of that particular document.

Adding  Header, Footer content in document.

Not:- Created Action can be used to process for many times.

This is the batch script to Remove Header and Footer from PDF pages with SKOTechLearn easy tips.

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