Monday, March 19, 2018

Simple tips to check or find the Resolution of PDF Document

Simple tips to check or find the Resolution of PDF Document

In this post SKOTechLearn define the steps to learn to check or find the resolution of  PDF documents. In image process every image format provide easy way to view the resolution of JPG or TIFF files except PDF. But when we talk about PDF format to view resolution, DPI, compression, page type etc, we face problem to find it.

Now, We learn to check and find the resolution of PDF files with SKOTechLearn.
 Step 1: Find and select Print Production
In Acrobat select "Print Production" option from "Tools" menu. If You can not find this option, click on right side menu "Option" combo as mention bellow. It will be expand containing option (Like:- Pages, Content, Forms, Action Wizard, Recognize Text, Print Production etc.).

Steps to Check or Find Resolution or compression

Find "Print Production" option and select it. This will add in "Tools" menu.
Add Print Production for find resolution of PDF
Add "Print Production"
 Step 2: Find Preflight
When selecting on "Print Production" option, this contain list with options (Like:- Acrobat Distiller, Output Preview, Preflight, Trap Presets etc.). Find "Preflight" click on it, this will open its name's related screen. Find button image of Find buttonand click on it as describe in further pic.

Preflight window for find resolution of PDF
Preflight and Features
Steps: Acrobat (open) >> Tools >> Print Production >> Preflight

 Step 3: Preflight Settings
Find "Page Description" option. and click on it. Clicking process on "Page Description" option will expand containing many option.
Page description to find resolution of PDF
Page description with Page objects
Find "Page objects" from search button and double click on it for further next process.

Steps: "Preflight" Window >> Search Option >> Page description >> Page objects
We can easily view the resolution or DPI or color structure of document by apply above given steps. 

 Step 4: Resolution or DPI (Page Object) result
Double click of "Page objects" option from tree view will redirect in 'Results' tab. There is other way to see this tab by pressing "Analyze" button, it will also show results in 'Results' tab.
Results of resolution and Compression of PDF
Results with Resolution And Compression Type
This results contain and show the error in tree view as 'Preflight profile "Page objects" found the following errors:'.
In this result tab, expand "Page objects" by pressing on "+" sign from tree view. When you expand it, all page of document will be listed in it.

Click on any of these pages and You can see that a "Resolution (pt/inch):" option will containing image resolution. You can easily understand through given steps.

In this process, you can check compression type, page DPI, Position and many other necessary options.
Resolution checking is long process to find in PDF format document compare to another image format. But it provide more facility to edit document according to requirement.

Steps: Page Object (Analyze) >> Results Tab >> Expand " Page objects ()" >> Select (Page 1 or Page 2 or any) >> Images >> Resolution (pt/inch)

SKOTechLearn has been defined steps to check or find exact resolution and compression types of PDF document.