Way to Make Searchable PDF from Scan Document or OCR PDF

Whenever we talk about Searchable PDF, we think about following question. In this post SKOTechLearn describe the easiest way to make searchable PDF from scan document or OCR PDF through Acrobat. If we talk about scan pdf, converted pdf or image base pdf or you can say all kind of PDF document will be Searchable PDF through following process.

What is Searchable PDF?

A PDF File is the combination of Image, Text, Tables, rectangles etc. That will show you as a Book. And PDF has the facility to search Keyword which is very important for users or readers.

So If your PDF is searchable then you can easily search any word or character and you can also copy that words or characters from it. Searchable PDF provide facility to select all word or characters and copy to word, Excel, notepad etc.

But when we processing on scan document or convert any image to PDF, it will be in normal PDF Page and there is no no content for search. For this type of file we have to work for searchable process.

Can Scanned PDF be Searchable?

Yes, Scanned PDF can be in searchable format, if scanner have setting for it or you can convert it after scanning through external tools.

Is Searchable Process is Similar to OCR technology?

Yes, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is similar to searchable process. In both, we have to work on Character of an image or page.

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Here we will start processing on that files which are created during scanning through Acrobat Pro.

(1). Find "Recognize Text" From Acrobat :

Simply, you have to go to "Tools" menu.

find "Recognize Text" and select any option "In This File" or "In Multiple Files" from "Recognize Text" option.

Steps: Acrobat (Open) >> Tools >> Recognize Text >> "In This File" or "In Multiple Files"

Recognize text action
Click on Recognize Text

(2). Files or Folder Selection:
"In This File" and "In Multiple Files" both work for same function. But the difference is single and multiple files. First, you can apply this setting of single file. And second you will apply to multiple files.

For applying this process in multiple files, select "In Multiple Files" option.

It will Present a "Recognize Text" window.

click on "Add Files" combo then select "Add Folders..." option.

The "Add Folders..." option will show "Browse For Folder" window for select folder's Path where you files are exist.

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Just follow the given bellow image direction.
Add files for search text
Add file or Folder

After selecting option of input folder path or source path, press "OK" button.

This "OK" button pressing action will add all files from folder's path to 'List Box' as shown in above image.

Now given path will add on "Recognize Text" window for further activity. Now, press "OK" button,

(3). "Output Options" settings:

As well as you will press "OK" button, the "Output Options" screen will show as following image.

Output settings for search text
Output option settings

Go to 'Target Folder' options.

You will find two options of "Target Folder", This option for selection destination path where output will generate. You have to choose any one from it.

After that go to "OK" button for click.

(4). "Recognize Text- General Setting" Process:

When you press "OK" button, a "Recognize Text- General Setting" screen will appear.

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Here, change your text reorganization settings whatever the requirement for your search activity.

General settings for make recognize character
Recognize Text- General Setting

This settings will allow to change language, output style and 'DPI' for exact character recognizing process.

After applying this setting you are few step away to complete this process. Just press "OK" button the will start on 'Recognize Text' progress window.

(5). Check Output:
After completion of progress bar, go to destination location to check output, if the PDF is Searchable or not?

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Your page have changed with editable text format as mention in bellow image.
Searchable PDF page output
Page Output

If you want to search word or character from all pages, press ( 'ctrl' + 'F') key, this shortcut key will show "Find" box  on Page as shown above. Type character or word and press "Enter" key for search this word or character on page.

If search word or character available on any page then it will show.

This is the way to make Searchable PDF from Scan Document or OCR PDF through Acrobat with SKOTechLearn Tips.

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