Open Edit Cdr File and Convert Cdr to other format

If you have problem of opening cdr (coreldraw) files. If you want to open CDR File without using CorelDraw. If you want to Edit CDR File or If you want to Convert CDR File to PDF or any other format like JPEG, PNG etc. then you must read this post for further information about Open Edit CDR File and Convert CDR to Other Format.

So, don’t worry about it, in this post SKOTechLearn will tell you the easy and simple way of opening CDR File with free open source tool that can be use for editing or converting in PDF, JPG or PNG etc.

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So, Let’s learn how to according to following process.

 How to Open CDR file? 

First of all, you have to know that cdr is a vector image format, which cannot open easily on any other image viewer tools like “Microsoft Office Picture Manager” or “Windows Photo Viewer”. You have to use a particular tool that will support Vector image like “CorelDraw” or “Inkscape”.

You can use “Inkscape” for it. It is lightweight and free with open source tool.

First, you have to download and install  Inkscape. There are options of OS compatible for Windows, Linux with (32bit, 64bit) architecture. Just go to site and follow the downloading steps described in following image.
"Inkscape" Download Instruction
I recommend for “Windows Installer Package (.msi)” option for download. Now after downloading and Installing “Inkscape”, if you want to open your file in this application or set “Inkscape” as default application for opening it. For this default process procedure follow the image bellow.
Set as default application process in windows
Set as default application process
For Open File in Inkscape.

➤ First right click on your file.

➤ Then select “Open” option. This will show “Windows” screen.

➤ In this screen, we will select “Select a program from a list of installed program” option. And press “OK” button.

➤ It has again presented another screen of “Open with”. If this screen not show “Inkscape” application, press on “Browse” button.

➤ Now in “Open with…” screen go to “C:\Program Files\Inkscape” and select “Inkscape.exe”.

After this process. Your default icon will looks like above given image.

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And the file will show in this application like bellow.
Open Inkscape

 How to Edit cdr file?

For editing it, you can easily select , move, resize, delete and insert object of this vector image.
Everything available for editing in this tool.
Edit Vector Image process
Note: You can easily open it in “Inkscape” and easily edit or modify it, but you cannot save it in cdr extension. You can save it as “*.svg” extension or other format.

 How to Convert CDR to JPG or other format?

If you want to convert it in JPG, First remember one thing, you have to fist convert it in PNG format because there is no option in direct JPG conversion. Now, you have to proceed in following way:

Convert through “Save As..”:
➤ Go to “File” menu and Find “Save As…”.
➤ If you select “Save As…”option, “Select File to save to” screen will appear.
➤ Find “Save as type:” combo and it will show different types of file format.
➤ Find “Cairo PNG (*.png)” and save it in desire location.

Convert through “Export PNG Image…”:
➤ Go to “File” menu and Find “Export PNG Image…
➤ It will present right side pane. Just Input path and File name in “Filename” Textbox.
➤ And then press “Export” button.
CDR to PNG convert Process
Now it will be converted in PNG format.

After that open PNG file in MS Paint and save it as JPG format.

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Through "Inkscape" you can easily convert it in different format, there is the following conversion exist in this tools:

Cdr to PDF Convert 

Cdr to  PS (Post Script) Convert

Cdr to dxf (AutoCAD DXF R14) Convert

So, these are the way where  you can easily open CDR File and Edit CDR file and Convert CDR to JPG or Other format.

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