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Tips to Crop photo through moving fix rectangle in VB6.0

Tips to Crop photo through moving fix rectangle in VB6.0

In this post we learn about how to crop photo through moving fix rectangle in visual basic 6.0 code with SKOTechLearn. We will define that how to move a fix rectangle on Particular image and set it on a location for further image crop process.

There are many applications available on internet market. But, in all those applications have same process to draw rectangle to particular location and through mouse.
But, in my process, you have to only press on Left, Right, UP, Down Key press from keyboard to set rectangle for photo crop position.
Crop Photo Example in VB6
Photo crop example
Now this is the example of Crop Photo through Rectangle.
 Controls Require for This Process:
 There is following description to describe how many controls required with its Name properties.
Name (Properties)
When you drag this control to your form, change every control’s Name like above mention Name. Remember one thing that you have to drag Label inside the Picture1 control for moving label left, right, up, down.
Now, let’s change some Properties of given control.

MyPic and Crp_Pic:
Properties Name
Change Type
1 - 3D
2 - Cross
Properties Name
Change Type
1  - 3D
0 - Transparent
1  - Fixed Single

Controls and Properties for Crop Photo
Control's Description and Properties
 Code Event's type for Photo Crop Process:
There is following types of Events, you have to remember.

MyPic Event Type:

Note: We use Label as Crp_Lbl for Area Selection for Crop. And for this process we will create a Class such as “CrpSelectionPic()”.

Now, let’s proceed in Coding. First we define some global variable like bellow.
Public SX1 As Single
Public SX2 As Single
Public SY1 As Single
Public SY2 As Single
Public P_Sel As Boolean

Create “CrpSelectionPic()” class and write code:
Private Sub CrpSelectionPic()

Dim wd As Single
Dim ht As Single
Dim skt As Single

With Crp_Lbl
'Label moving position
SX2 = Val(.Left) + Val(.Width)
SX1 = Val(.Left)
SY2 = Val(.Top) + Val(.Height)
SY1 = Val(.Top)
End With

P_Sel = False

If SX1 > SX2 Then
skt = SX1
SX1 = SX2
SX2 = skt
End If

If SY1 > SY2 Then
skt = m_Y1
SY1 = SY2
SY2 = skt
End If

wd = SX2 - SX1
ht = SY2 - SY1
If (wd = 0) Or (ht = 0) Then Exit Sub

' Set The capture size.
Crp_Pic.Width = wd + (Crp_Pic.Width - Crp_Pic.ScaleWidth)
Crp_Pic.Height = ht + (Crp_Pic.Height - Crp_Pic.ScaleHeight)

' capture selected area.
Crp_Pic.PaintPicture MyPic.Picture, 0, 0, wd, ht, SX1, SY1, wd, ht
Crp_Pic.Picture = Crp_Pic.Image

End Sub
This code is use to capture selected area through Label, when we press Arrow (UP,Down,Left, Right) Key from keyboard to move Label for desire area selection.
After that write code inside “MyPic_KeyDown” events:
Private Sub MyPic_KeyDown(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer) sanjeev

With Crp_Lbl

'Move Lable Right to Right Arrow Key press from Keyboard
If KeyCode = 39 Then
.Left = .Left + 40
End If

'Move Lable Left to Left Arrow Key press from Keyboard
If KeyCode = 37 Then
.Left = .Left - 40
End If

'Move Lable Down to Down Arrow Key press from Keyboard
If KeyCode = 40 Then
.Top = .Top + 40
End If

'Move Lable Top to Top Arrow Key press from Keyboard
If KeyCode = 38 Then
.Top = .Top - 40
End If

End With

End Sub
Keydown event is use to move Label Left, right, up, down for selection area by pressing key (Arrow Up, Arrow Down, Arrow Right, Arrow Left) from Keyboard.
Arrow Key for Select area for Crop
Arrow Key to Area Select for Crop
Now write code for Save Crop Picture inside “Save_Pic_Click()” command button’s events:
Private Sub Save_Pic_Click()

SavePicture Picture2.Picture, "C:\MyCropPic1.bmp"
MsgBox "Crop Image Saved Successfully.", vbInformation

End Sub
Crop Photo Example in VB6
When you competed all these process describe above, just run your VB application.

(1). First Click on “MyPic” control.
(2). Press “Arrow Key (UP, Left, Right, Down)" from keyboard for area selection as your desire.
(3). After Area Selection, Click “Save Photo” Button for save crop Picture.

Now, this is the simple short coding and design process to understand and you can learn that how to Crop Photo through moving fix rectangle in Visual Basic 6.0 code.