Wednesday, May 16, 2018

How to Use Google Input Tool's Language in VB6.0 easy Tips

How to use Google input tool's language in VB6.0 easy Tips

Google Input tool basically use for conversion of typing language to any language (like: Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Marathi, Nepali, Russian etc.). As well as we are proceeding in technology, it will become easier for process. If you want to implement or use it on VB6.0, you can proceed. SKOTechLearn describe the way to use Google Input Tool's Language in VB6.0.
How this tool work in VB Project?
Suppose if we want to type in Marathi language, there is no need to learn about typing keyword from keyboard. Just type in English and it will be converted in Marathi through this tool.

Use Google Input use in Textbox
Google Input use in Textbox
But, creating an application in Visual Basic6.0 and using this tool in it, you have to follow the steps as mention bellow.

Note: Visual Basic’s default controls (Text, Label, Combo, List) cannot support this Tool. Add “Microsoft Forms 2.0 Object Library” component to Toolbox.
Controls or Component require for this Tool:
Add component to Toolbox. When “Microsoft Forms 2.0 Object Library” component will add, This will show its control in Toolbox. Drag any control from this component to Form1. Suppose you drag TextBox1, Listbox1 and Command1.

Add Form 2.0 Library component for Use Input Tools
Add Form 2.0 Library component

Write code in “Add to List” command button same as image.
VB Code:

Private Sub Command1_Click()

    ListBox1.AddItem TextBox1.Text

    TextBox1.Text = ""

End Sub

After apply this code on command button, run application.

Key Press Process to Change Input Language: 
When you run application, cursor will focus on TextBox1. For using this tool, this is necessary to Press (ALT +Shift) key from keyboard for activating language. You can also use (Ctrl + G). But sometime this combination of key cannot work for activating language. So use only (ALT +Shift) key.

Key Press for Activate Input language
Key Press for Activate language

After apply this shortcut key for activation process, write something on TextBox1. Then press “Add to List” command button. This will present that every time text will add in ListBox1 down to previous record.

 Typing Instruction:
Type text >> Press “Enter” Key from Keyboard

After complete typing process or when complete word for showing in Textbox, press “Enter” Key.

Google Input Typing Instruction
Google InputTyping Instruction

There is another component for typing of showing Input text. This component name is “Microsoft Rich Textbox Control 6.0”. When you use “RichTextBox”, it will work as same as given above component. But the drawback of “RichTextBox” is that only use for typing or showing language text, you cannot save this text in same format in database.

If you will try to save it in database. It will save as “??????” in this form. It indicates Language in database as “Question mark (?)”. So the best option to use this tools is Form 2.0 library.

Advantage of Using Input Tool:
1. Whenever we write in word document or any document through this tool and send it through mail or File transfer to any other computer. There is no need to install setup for it to other system for view text of Document.

2. This will support in any communication device like: Mobile, computer, Tablet.

3. This supports approx 19 languages. May be in future, it will support more languages for easiest writing way.

So, try this process to use Google Input Tool's language in VB6.0 easy tips (SKOTechLearn).